• Tony Packenas

The debate: calories in vs calories out

Not all calories are equal. Five hundred calories of Mars Bars have a different impact on your body compared to 500 calories of broccoli.

Calories in vs calories out is a mathematical equation and it doesn’t take into consideration a lot of contributing factors regarding calorie intake such as:

· age

· gender;

· metabolism;

· thyroid function;

· hormones;

· menopause,

· insulin resistance; and

· Type 2 Diabetes;

all of which make a difference as to how your own body reacts to the calories coming in.

Nutrients dense calories are far better for you than non-nutrients dense calories. In the earlier examples, you are going to get a whole lot more nutritional value from 500 calories of broccoli compared to 500 calories of Mars Bar.

Carbohydrate calories, such as Mars Bars, are easily stored as fat by the body, whereas broccoli has many nutrients that are absorbed and used by different parts of the body.

The great thing about the Keto Diet is that you don’t have to count calories at all to lose weight. Being in ketosis means that your body is burning fat for fuel; it’s not how many calories you’re eating, it’s the type and quality of the calories.

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Tony Packenas from Keto Smart is an established health professional, working in the natural therapies industry since 2002. Tony is a certified Keto Coach by the Berg Method, holds a Diploma in Bowen Therapy, Certificate IV in Remedial Therapies and is a currently studying Certificate IV in Nutrition and Dietetics.

At Keto Smart, keto eating isn’t a fad diet, it’s a way of life and a lifestyle choice that is sustainable. Keto Smart aims to help people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by eating a ketogenic diet. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get healthy blood sugar levels or just feel better, Keto Smart can support you in your journey.

To get you started on a Keto Diet, book in a one on one consultation with Keto Smart today.

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