As a typical young male, health and diet wasn’t a priority for me – in fact, it was probably the last thing on my mind. I remember returning to work after a long weekend away with the family, I felt like rubbish all day.


That was a wake up call for me. “I shouldn’t be feeling like this at 34 years of age,” I remember thinking, and I knew it was because I was eating terrible food and drinking too much alcohol all weekend. I knew if I wanted to improve how I was feeling, I had to make changes to my diet.

I had heard a lot, and researched about fasting, and decided I would start that very day. I remember it was a Tuesday, and I found it surprisingly easy. Before I knew it, I had fasted for 48 hours, only drinking water.

During that 48 hour period, I was researching the best types of foods to eat to break a fast. It was at this point I discovered a man by the name of Dr Eric Berg who totally changed the way I thought about food. He was promoting a high fat, low carb diet, which totally blew my mind, but made perfect sense.

That sent me down a rabbit hole of research, self learning, formal learning, and uncovered the science and research that supports eating a ketogenic diet, and why traditional diets, full of carbohydrates are so bad for us.

In six weeks, I lost 16kg by sticking to a keto diet and combining intermittent fasting. I've lost 20kg in total and the most frequent question I get from people who haven't seen me in a while is "you look different, did you get a haircut?"

I’m passionate about it because I can see the real difference it has made in my life. In the lives of my family and loved ones. And in the lives of my clients. 

About Tony
Tony Packenas is an established health professional, working in the natural therapies industry since 2002. Tony is a certified Keto Coach by the Berg Method, holds a Diploma in Bowen Therapy, Certificate IV in Remedial Therapies and is currently studying Certificate IV in Nutrition and Dietetics. His training also extends to Emmett Technique and Finch Therapy.

Tony is self-employed and is based in a natural health clinic located on the Southside of Brisbane (Into Balance), where he has been operating since 2005.