Losing weight shouldn’t be hard work or complicated. It should be simple and easy and shouldn’t be about counting calories or weighing food. Yet we see people really struggling to lose weight and keep it off, because diets are simply that – a flash in the pan that generally aren’t sustainable.


Eating a ketogenic diet is not about dieting. It’s about eating a diet of foods that will see you burning fat more quickly, staying fuller for longer, and not feeling like you’re giving up food you love to be thinner.


Not all calories are equal. It’s not as simple as calories in and calories out. Most diets set you up for failure because they are based on this theory. Traditional diets are restrictive and low in calories, meaning you are always feeling hungry, inevitably forcing you to cheat or take short cuts.


Here’s some fancy science talk now.


Because traditional diets are low in calories, they slow the metabolism down, which means when you cheat or quit, you often put the weight back on faster and potentially end up heavier than you were when you started.


Eating a ketogenic diet gets rid of your cravings, keeps you fuller for longer, keeps your metabolism working and is sustainable – because it really is a way of life.


You don’t need to struggle by yourself to lose weight any more.  It’s time to lose weight, eat smarter and live better.


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