One in four Aussie kids are overweight or obese and prevalence is steadily on the rise. The time to act is now.

If you’re here reading this, it’s because you want to do something for your own heath or that of your child/ loved one.


Teaching kids about smart eating choices starts with their carers – that might be you. If you make changes now, you’ll see improved quality and longevity of life, and set them up for success in the classroom, on the sports field, the stage, or whatever they choose to do.


With the increased rate of Type 2 Diabetes and behavioural issues, it’s important to undertake intervention strategies as early as possible.


Kids can thrive on a ketogenic diet. You’ll be reducing the amount of processed foods they’ll be eating, reducing carbs and increasing their knowledge of health food choices.


Importantly, they’ll gain a stronger understanding of where food comes from.


It might be hard to fathom how you’ll be able to move them to a ketogenic diet, but never fear, Keto Smart has a wonderful range of tips and tricks (and recipes) to get you going.


Book in a one on one consultation with Tony from Keto Smart for you and your child.


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