At Keto Smart, keto eating isn’t a fad diet, it’s a way of life and a lifestyle choice that is sustainable. Through a personalised and tailor program, we aim to help people lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by eating a ketogenic diet. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get healthy blood sugar levels or just feel better, Keto Smart can support you in your journey. 


Unlike a low calorie diet, a ketogenic lifestyle eliminates cravings, hunger and maintains a healthy metabolism.

When you book in a one on one consultation with Tony from Keto Smart, you can expect information and support on:


  • How a ketogenic diet works

  • Why a ketogenic diet is effective

  • Things it can help with

  • All about insulin resistance and why it might be stopping you from achieving your goals

  • Types of food to eat and avoid

  • The best times to eat

  • Access to menus


Consultations with Keto Smart are tailored to suit you as an individual to help you reach your personal goals. No two people are the same, but using ketogenic dieting principles, Keto Smart will help support you to lose weight, eat smarter and live better. 

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