At Keto Smart, we promote healthy keto which, put simply, is eating lots of vegetables, salads, animal products and healthy fats, and getting rid of all the rubbish (processed food and carbs, junk food etc).


There are bad versions of the keto diet out there known as “dirty keto." They generally promote lots of processed meats and unhealthy fats.

It's important to know the difference between healthy keto and dirty keto so you can achieve optimal and sustainable health benefits.


The healthy approach to keto diets means ideally eating free range, organic and grass fed products, because not only is it great for your health and wellness, it's elimating the majority of chemicals and processed foods.


Here’s the fancy science explanation.

There are two main types of fuel for the body. Fats and carbohydrates.


Typically, people use carbohydrates for their fuel. When you do a ketogenic diet, you move from carbohydrates as your key source of fuel to fats as your key source of fuel.

By minimising the amount of carbohydrate intake, your body will use its stored fat as energy, which is why it’s so good for weight loss.


Insulin is a fat storage hormone. By lowering the amount of carbohydrates in your body, it’s possible to lower your insulin levels, increasing your ability to burn fat.

When you book a one on one consultation with Keto Smart, you’ll learn all about how a ketogenic diet can help support you in reaching your health and weight loss goals.

Image reference: ketao.com.au

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