The world seems to be getting busier and busier, with life moving at such a fast pace. The demands of our careers, kids, social life and family sees us putting our health on back burner.

The result is increased levels of stress and mental illness – in fact “the most recent ABS National Health Survey estimated there were 4.8 million Australians (20.1%) with a mental or behavioural condition in 2017–18.


Restoring your focus on yourself, starting with what you eat, can be the best medicine for better health and wellbeing. And even if you’re not overweight, you can benefit from a ketogenic diet.


There are many areas that keto diets can help to support including:

  • Cognitive function;

  • Stress;

  • Anxiety and depression;

  • Fatigue / energy levels;

  • Fertility and hormone balance;

  • Bloating;

  • Blood pressure issues (high or low);

  • Skin condition like Phoresis;

  • Digestive issues like GERD and indigestion (plus loads more!)

It’s time to start eating smarter and living better. Book in a one on one consultation with Tony from Keto Smart today.